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STI Levels 1 & 2 Info and Class Registration Form

Specialty Tea Institute (STI) Course Content and Registration Form

Dear Friend and Tea Enthusiast,

Thank you for your interest in the Specialty Tea Institute’s (STI) Certification Courses. These two classes form the foundation of your tea education. The courses will be offered: 

  • Level 1: Sunday, ???, 2022, from 
  • Level 2: Sunday, ???, 2022, from 

All classes will be held at The Cultured Cup at 13731 Omega Road, Farmers Branch (a suburb of Dallas), TX  75244.  


This class provides attendees with a strong understanding of the 5 basic tea types and the 2 traditional styles of orthodox tea production used to create them. Topics include: 

  • the essential components of teas
  • where and how teas are grown
  • the stages of processing
  • what differentiates the different types and classifications of tea


Building on the essential information presented in Level 1, Foundations of Tea Level 2 examines: 

  • crush, tear and curl tea production and manufacture
  • comprehensive information about blending, flavoring and scenting teas
  • introduction to the sensory evaluation of teas, which is also called professional cupping
  • an introduction to the principles of grading and naming teas by country of origin

This class enables you to examine and taste 5-6 pairs of teas as you are guided through the basics of a comparison cupping of the five tea types.

After registering for the classes, you will receive an electronic copy of the student manuals for the two classes. (You will also receive a bound copy of the appropriate manual before each class). Please read each manual carefully before the day of the class since there is an exam at the end of each course. A passing grade is 80% or above. You must have successfully passed Level 1 before you can take the Level 2 class.

Students who successfully pass Levels 1 and 2 are eligible to take any of (and in any order) the following five Professional Level 3 classes:  

  • Professional Tea Cupping (tasting) 
  • White, Green & Yellow Teas 
  • Oolong Teas 
  • Black Teas 
  • Dark Tea (pu’erh)

    Students who successfully complete and pass the five Professional Level 3 classes are awarded the title of Certified Tea Specialist (CTS), granted by Specialty Tea Institute and accredited by the Tea Association of the USA. By holding this title, you will be among 200 people worldwide who are at the forefront of the tea revolution.

    Students who have a current STI membership receive a significant discount on all STI classes (see below for a comparison of rates). For info about STI membership and its benefits to you as a tea professional, or to ensure the status of your membership, please contact ???? (212) 986.0250If you (or your company) are not a current STI member, you cannot receive the membership discount.  

    I thank you for your interest in STI’s certification classes and look forward to seeing you at The Cultured Cup! If you have any other questions about the classes, please give me a call at 888.VIP.TEAS (847.8327).

    Important 2022 STI Class Information:

    What: STI Foundations of Tea: Levels 1 & 2:
    When: ????
    Time: Level 1: Registration: ???
    Time: Level 2: Class: ???
    Where: The Cultured Cup
    Address: 13731 Omega Rd., Dallas, TX   75244

    • STI Member Rate: Level 1 and 2 $675 per person (2 days)
    • Non-Member Rate: Level 1 and 2 $875 per person (2 days)

      STI Registration Form: STI Level 1&2 Registration PDF

      After completing your registration form, send your e-mail to: ????

      • Via Email: After completing your Registration Form, save the document to your desktop.  Compose an email and attach the saved document.  Send to: ????  
      • Via Fax: After completing the requested information, print this form and fax it to: (212) 697-8658.   
      • Via United States Postal Service: After completing the registration form (see below), print this form and mail it to: Tea Association of the USA, 362 Fifth Avenue, Suite 801, New York NY 10001  

      Contact us with questions

      13731 Omega Rd.
      Farmers Branch, TX 75244


      Monday - Saturday
      10am - 5pm

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