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Kukicha’s green edamame and sweet snap pea flavors combine for an unbelievably fresh and flavorful cup. An ideal Japanese green tea to drink daily.

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    • 1.5–2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 155°F, 1–1.5 min (can steep multiple times)
    • Grown on the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu in the Kagoshima prefecture, Kukicha Fukamushi is a "stem tea, deep-steamed".
    • This top quality kukicha's exquisite flavor comes from the fact that unlike other grades, this one contains no woody twigs, only uniform and tender stems.
    • A cousin of Japanese sencha, this tea gathers its stems from the Yabukita plant (Japan’s most popular tea bush cultivar) during the sorting and production of sencha teas.
    • Once the right size, quality, and amount of kukicha has been collected, it then undergoes a double-steaming process called Fukamushi, making the tea more dense and smooth.
    • The Cultured Cup Tasting Panel loves this tea for its hallmark expression of umami, a satisfying savory flavor known as the fifth basic taste (after salt, sweet, bitter, and sour). The remarkable broth-like characteristic of kukicha is so hearty, smooth, and pleasant that this tea soothes the soul like grandma's chicken noodle soup!
    • Japanese doctors often recommend this tea to their pregnant patients.
    • This kukicha is comprised equally of tea leaves and white tea stems, and those stems do not contain caffeine. As a result, this tea has about half the caffeine of a tea containing 100% green tea leaves.
    • Sushi
    • Sashimi
    • Fresh fish
    • Steamed green beans, fresh peas, artichokes or edamame
    • Parmesan or Romano cheese
    • Dark chocolate truffles or any chocolate dessert
  • Japan, Shizuoko Prefecture green tea and stems: 100%

  • Sencha Asanoka, Toasted Hojicha Genmai, Sencha Goji-Berry, Green Needle

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