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La Minita Viennese

The Cultured Cup Medium Roast
La Minita Viennese - The Cultured Cup®

La Minita means "little gold mine," and this Viennese roast maintains the coffee's complex flavor and adds a note of dark toffee! 

Comes in 8 or 16 oz bags. Please specify whole bean or preferred grind. Brewing directions are on each bag.

Roast | Body | Flavors: medium roast medium-full body orange blossom, black currant, dark toffee

Coffee Tips: A very versatile coffee, La Minita Viennese is our favorite coffee for a French press and as an espresso!

Fun Fact: Out of 100 lbs of picked coffee beans, only the best 23 lbs qualify to become La Minita. Grown in the volcanic-enriched Tarrazú area of Costa Rica. 

Ingredients: Costa Rica arabica coffee beans

Similar Coffees: Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kona Fancy Pure, La Minita 

La Minita Viennese - The Cultured Cup®