Blooming Flower

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From Fujian Province, home of China's finest teas, this artisan-shaped green tea ball slowly transforms to reveal a bouquet of chrysanthemum flowers and amaranth blossoms.

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    • 1 bud per 10–12 oz of water, 195°F, the tea is ready to drink after the bud opens fully. No need to remove the bud from pot. Can resteep many times until flavor disappears.
    • This crafted tea is handmade in China's Fujian Province. With painstaking care, artisans hand pick tea leaves of identical size and tie the leaves around chrysanthemum and globe amaranth.
    • When a bud is placed in hot water, the leaves unfurl to reveal a red, white, and green bloom. It's certainly a tea to share with friends on special occasions.
    • Want to give something more than flowers to your friends and family? Give them the tea that is also a floral bouquet! They'll think of you whenever they watch the tea bud bloom.
    • Fresh green salad
    • Lightly prepared fish
    • Cream-based desserts
    • Rice pudding
  • China, Fujian Province green tea, globe amaranth flowers, chrysanthemum and magnolia flowers

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