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Black Tea.

Black Tea.

Like oolong teas, black teas are shaped after they are plucked and then oxidized (allowed to turn brown). Unlike partially-oxidized oolong teas, black teas are fully oxidized, giving them darker colors (ranging from tan to black) as well as more body. Black teas have a broad range of flavors, from green almond and muscat grape, to smooth, creamy, with a honey note, to full-bodied with bold notes of spice, cocoa, and peat.

Drinking full-bodied black teas became the social and cultural traditions of many countries around the world, who further differentiated their tea cultures by adding milk, spices, or other ingredients.

Your black tea adventure can take you around the globe and introduce you to the different cultures and rituals of tea.

You'll find that there is no one correct way of preparing tea. Experiencing these diverse tea traditions and cultures can help you create tea times that are unique and fit your lifestyle.

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