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Aged Da Hong Pao Brick
Aged Da Hong Pao Brick

Aged Da Hong Pao Brick

5 oz Scored Brick
$ 31.95

This tea is crafted from fragmented Zheng Yan leaves, offering a more budget-friendly alternative to the whole-leaf variant. Rock oolong leaves are renowned for their capacity to mature over time--this specimen has been aged in the Wuyi Mountains since 2014, resulting in remarkably rich and complex aromas.

To make it easier to ship and age, the tea has been pressed chocolate-shaped bar with 18 regular blocks (8g each). 

Tea Type | Oolong (Cultivar: Zheng Yan ) Flavors minerality, stone fruit, juicy, molasses, and cherry

Tea Tips: A dark but velvety-smooth oolong. Drink without milk or sugar. To fully enjoy the flavors of this tea, use the "Gong Fu Cha" steeping instructions below.  

Ingredients: 70% oxidized China oolong tea, Fujian Province's Wuyi Mountains 

How to Steep: To experience the extraordinary flavors of this artisan tea, use the following steps. Rinse: Break an 8 g block into a small teapot. Pour 6–8 oz of boiling water over tea leaves and decant immediately. Do not remove the tea leaves from the teapot. Steep #1: Pour the water and steep for 50 seconds Steep #2 and #3:  Steep for 25 seconds After Steep #3: Add 10 seconds to each additional steeping until the flavor fades. NOTE: Expect to infuse the same tea leaves 7-8 times, a result of a high-quality Wuyi oolong.

Fun Fact: Rock oolong is classified as Zheng Yan (authentic rock tea) and is grown within the famous "scenic park" (a UNESCO heritage site) where all the rock formations and tea fields are situated; Ban Yan (semi-rock tea) are grown within the Wuyi city limit, but not inside the "scenic park”, and the Zhou Bien Cha (outside tea) where the tea is grown somewhere else. Zheng Yan is the most prized rock oolong because of the rich minerals in the soil. 

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