Ticket to Tea Collection Flavored

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  • Ticket to Tea Collection Flavored - The Cultured Cup®
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  • Ticket to Tea Collection Flavored - The Cultured Cup®
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Take a tea journey to China, Japan, Taiwan, & India with six of the finest flavored teas from these important tea-growing countries. Each tea is blended with fruits, herbs, and spices inspired by the culture of the region—a new way to experience terroir!

Your choice of either 1 or 2 oz of all six teas.  The Collection is boxed, labeled and tied with a ribbon. 
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  • The following teas are included in our Ticket to Tea Collection (Flavored):

    Snow Peach: a Chinese white tea with the juicy flavor of tree-ripened peaches

    Toasted Hojicha Genmai: this Japanese green tea is toasted and blended with toasted rice resulting in a smooth cup with pleasant notes of baked bread

    Blue Pebbles Oolong: these greenish blue pebbles slowly open when steeped and yield a superb Chinese oolong tea with an incredibly sweet aftertaste–unlike any other tea in the world!

    Raj Masala Chai: this flavorful and iconic spiced black tea puts you on a culinary passage to India

    Ebony Rose: trek with us to China and discover this delicious and unusually shaped dark tea flavored with rose petals

    Each tea comes with a unique Ticket to Tea label and special info about the tea, including instructions on how to steep

    • The word “Chai” actually means tea–no wonder Indians look confused when we say Chai tea (tea tea)
    • Masala chai, meaning spice tea, is a blend of herbs, spices and tea leaves brewed in whole milk
    • Each region of India has its own version of masala chai, which may include unique spices and herbs
    • Masala Chai is a product of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, which means “science of life” and has been in practice for over 5,000 years
  • Snow Peach: China white tea, dried peach pieces, calendula petals and peach flavoring

    Toasted Hojicha Genmai: Toasted Japanese green tea, toasted rice, popped corn

    Blue Pebbles Oolong: China oolong tea, ginseng, and licorice root

    Orange Flower Oolong: Taiwan oolong tea, orange blossoms, orange flavoring

    Raj Masala Chai: India black tea, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, black pepper, licorice root

    Ebony Rose: China dark tea, rose petals


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