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Our Mind-Body Collection gathers teas and caffeine-free herbal infusions to calm you and keep you in the moment. The Collection's teas have subtle, soft flavors to awaken and focus your senses.

Choose either 1 or 2 oz - your choice - of all seven teas.  The Collection is boxed, labeled and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • White Peony: a soothing, pleasant white tea
    • White Riesling: flavored with dried Riesling grapes, this tea delights like the famous German white wine, but keeps the mind a little sharper!
    • Kukicha: a high quality, Vitamin C rich Japanese green tea that contains only about half of the caffeine of other green teas
    • Sencha Goji-Berry: this delicious Chinese green tea blended with red goji-berries offers balanced flavor notes of orchid and blueberry
    • Blooming Flower: made from hand-crafted green tea, each bud gracefully blooms in hot water, opening into a colorful bouquet of flowers and tea
    • Moroccan Oasis Mint: calm and cool your mind and body connection with this refreshing mint infusion
    • Raspberry Rooibos: a homage to the bright champagne cocktail, this delightful rooibos (herbal infusion) is bursting with ripe berry flavor
    • The Mind/Body connection to tea started with Chinese Buddhist Monks, who drank tea to prepare for long periods of meditation and reflection
    • The Japanese and many other Asian countries discovered tea when they traveled to China to study Buddhism
    • Scientists have discovered that tea slows brain-wave patterns and may aid concentration and focus
    • Tea is an ideal beverage to prepare for meditation, yoga, tai chi, or any other mind-and-body activity
    • White Peony: China white tea: 100%
    • White Riesling: China white tea, rose hip peel, freeze-dried black currants, flavoring, cornflower blossoms, mallow blossoms
    • Kukicha: Japan green tea and tea leaf stems: 100%
    • Sencha Goji-Berry: Chinese green tea (80%), goji-berries, lemongrass, pomegranate arils, flavoring, cornflower blossoms
    • Chamomile Mint: Croatian chamomile, Egyptian & Moroccan mint
    • Blooming Flower: China green tea, globe amaranth flowers, chrysanthemum and magnolia flowers
    • Moroccan Oasis Mint: Egyptian & Moroccan mint: 100%
    • Raspberry Rooibos: South African rooibos, freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry flavoring


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