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Kyoto Matcha, Culinary-Grade, 30 gm Tin

The Cultured Cup Green

Kyoto is our less expensive culinary matcha for food and drink recipes. Available in a 30 gm (1.1 oz) tin. 

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Green | fresh greens, savory, umami

Tea Tips: Drink in the morning to energize and focus your day. Shade-grown matcha has more antioxidants than any other green tea. 

Ingredients: Shade-grown matcha green tea from Uji, Japan

How to Steep: Add 1 tsp of matcha to a bowl. Pour 1 Tbsp of 185°F water on the side of the bowl opposite the matcha. Using a bamboo whisk, mix the water and matcha into a thick paste. Pour 2–3 oz of 185°F water into the bowl but away from the matcha. With the whisk, vigorously mix the water and matcha until a thick froth forms.

Fun Fact: Shading the tea plants reduces the bitter catechins while increasing chlorophyll and amino acids. These components increase the umami and savory flavors. 

Similar Teas: Uji Imperial Matcha, Shade-Grown Sencha, Hand-Plucked Sencha, Kukicha