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Blooming Blossom (formerly Blooming Flower)

The Cultured Cup Green+

From Fujian, this handcrafted blooming blossom slowly opens and transforms into a fragrant and delicious tea bouquet!

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Green+ | delicate floral, fresh greens, slightly sweet  

Tea Tips: A tea for mindful reflection or to share the experience with friends.

Ingredients: China green tea, amaranth, chrysanthemum, and magnolia flowers

How to Steep: 1 bud, 10–12 oz water, 195°F Ready to drink after bud opens. Re-steep the bud several times!

Fun Fact: Tea leaves are pan-fired, shaped around the flowers, tied with string, and dried.

Similar Teas: Jasmine Pearls, Jasmine Silver Tips, Texas Earl Grey,  St. Valentine by Mariage, Afternoon Tea Rose