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The Cultured Cup Coffee Collection, 4 oz

The Cultured Cup Roasts+
Cultured Cup Coffee Collection - The Cultured Cup®
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For flavored-coffee lovers, this collection features our most popular blends. Each is delicious with or as dessert! 

Boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 


Wake-Up Blend: Our morning blend contains both light and dark-roasted coffees and vanilla flavoring. Ingredients: Costa Rica, Sumatra coffee beans, flavoring 

Mountain Odyssey: A blend of chocolate and hazelnut flavors with Viennese roasted coffee. Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee, Sumatra coffee, flavoring

Private Label: A blend of chocolate, almond, and cinnamon, mixed with a lightly roasted coffee. Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee, cinnamon powder/pieces, flavoring

Holiday Blend: A blend of hazelnut and cinnamon flavors will welcome and warm family and friends throughout the holidays. Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee, flavoring

The Cultured Cup Blend: Our signature coffee blend has three coffees from three different countries. Lightly roasted with a medium body, this coffee has notes of berries and citrus. Ingredients: Colombia, Costa Rica, and Sumatra coffees 

Fun Facts: The first flavored coffees were invented in the Middle East and included spices and toasted nuts. 

Cultured Cup Coffee Collection - The Cultured Cup®
 - 1