Cultured Cup Blend DECAF

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For a flavorful decaffeinated coffee, we start with quality coffee beans. Our decaf signature coffee combines distinctly flavorful, mountain grown coffee from Costa Rica, Colombia and Sumatra. The result? A perfectly balanced cup with a world of flavor!

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    • Our decaffeinated signature blend is lightly roasted (city roast) to preserve the unique flavor profiles of these high quality, mountain grown coffees
    • Decaffeinated by a German company who are the world's leaders in decaffeination--and you'll taste the difference
    • As flavorful as the caffeinated version of this signature blend, you'll discover those same subtle notes of blackberry and citrus, and the same smooth but lively finish
    • Germans Ludwig Roselius and Karl Wimmer are credited with inventing the first viable (and successful) decaffeination process in the early 20th century
    • There are a few different methods to decaffeinate coffee, but each occurs prior to roasting the coffee (when the beans are still green)
    • While Roselius is credited with inventing a process using steam and chemicals, later processes were invented using only water, and most recently, only carbon dioxide
    • Decaf coffee is usually not totally caffeine free, but reduced to around less than 10% of regular coffee's caffeine level (or less than 10 milligrams)
    • Cream cheese Danish
    • Breakfast pastries
    • Granola
    • Any cream-based dessert or pastry or New York style cheese cake
  • Decaffeinated Colombia Arabica, Costa Rica Arabica and Sumatra Arabica coffee beans

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