Water Kettle, Quick Temp by Zojirushi, 5L

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Different teas taste better at different temperatures. This 5-liter water kettle has four preset temperature settings: 160° F, 175° F, 195° F, and 208° F, and holds the desired temperature for hours. Now, you'll always have the correct water temp for any type of tea. No more bitter or flavorless tea in your cup!

Includes samples of our incredibly delicious Wild White Buds, Sencha Asanoka, and Golden Needles black tea.
  • Product Details
  • Fun Facts
  • Sample Ingredients
      • Capacity:
        • 5 Liters / 169 oz.
      • Heat:  
        • 800 Watts 
      • Variable Temperature Settings:
        • 160 F/ 80 C - Japanese Green Tea
        • 175 F/85 C - Chinese Green Tea, White Tea
        • 195 F/90 C - Oolong Tea
        • 208 F/93 C - French Press Coffee, Black & Pu'er Tea
      • Quick Temp Mode:  This function heats the water to the selected Keep Warm Temperature without reaching a boil. This feature saves time and maintains the oxygen level within the water.
      • Other Features:
        • Safety Auto-Shut-Off prevents Boil-Dry. 
        • Easy to clean non-stick interior. 
        • Convenient electric dispensing feature.
        • Displays actual water temperature at all times.
        • Panorama window shows water level.
        • Cafe Drip Dispensing mode, which reduces the amount of water dispensed by 60%.  This makes it suitable for brewing cafe drip coffee.
      • Material:
        • White BPA Free Plastic
      • Dimensions:  
        • Height: 9.125" Wide x 11.8" Diameter x 11.5" High
        • Height: 26 cm x Width: 20 cm x 20 cm
      • Weight:  
        • 6.0 lbs / 2.5 kg
      • Today the modern electric kettle is found in more homes than any other appliance
      • Early non-electric water kettles were made from iron and put over a fire or stove to heat the water
      • By the 1800’s, kettle makers switched from iron to copper because it conducted heat more efficiently
      • The whistling kettle, invented in the early 1900's, was a major step in the evolution of the water kettle. It conveniently notified those within earshot
      • The first electric kettle was invented in 1891 by the Carpenter Electric Company, but it took 12 minutes for the water to boil!
      • The first automatic shut-off electric kettle was invented by the Russell Hobbs Company in 1956
      • During crises in Britain, there are frequent electricity brownouts brought on by the Brits simultaneously using their electric water kettles to prepare tea, which boosts their spirits  
      • Wild White Buds: China White Tea.
      • Sencha Asanoka: Japan Green Tea. 
      • Golden Needles:  Whina Black Tea.


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