Dan Cong White Peach

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The descriptive name of "White Peach" describes the flavor profile inherent in this specific tea cultivar. White Peach Single Trunk is one of a dozen cultivars grown in one small region of Guangdong Province. Light and slightly astringent, with subtle hints of tropical fruit. This tea is delightful, from the dark leaves, to the complex aroma of the infusion which is a lovely golden yellow liquor, with a complex delicate woodsy, fruity taste.

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  • 3.5 grams 212° F 3 min.When using a Yixing tea pot or a Gaiwan, use twice as much tea and steep same tea leaves 1-2 minutes multiple times until the flavor fades.

    • From Guangdong Province in China
    • Growing region is misty and foggy much of the time, even when leaves are being plucked
    • Meals traditionally begin and end with this tea in Chao Zhou
    • Tea pairs well with their culinary specialties (goose, rich taro dessert, and egg white dumplings)
    • Very aromatic with a distinctive dry finish; also good cold
    • According to its different flavours, Dan Cong teas have been divided into many types, such as Zhi Orchid, Osmanthus, Yulan, Almond, Cinnamon, Ginger Flower, Jasmine, Honey Orchid, Huangzhi and Grapefruit
    • After placing these tea leaves in even layers on large and round bamboo trays, the woman regularly shake the trays, which causes the leaves to slightly bruise and oxidize along the edges of the tea leaves
    • Soft and creamy cheese
    • Fruit empanadas
    • Churros
    • Any dish with fresh, dried, baked or grilled apricots or peaches
    • Lightly prepared fish, chicken or pork
    • Cream-based fruit desserts
    • Gouda cheese
    • Heffeweizen beer
  • China, Guangdong Province oolong tea: 100%

  • Emperor's Tribute Tea, Oriental Beauty (Dong Feng Mei Ren)

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