White Drinking Chocolate

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  • White Drinking Chocolate
  • White Drinking Chocolate

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An exquisite white drinking chocolate that is smooth, rich and creamy. Best enjoyed with frothed cream or half and half.

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    • Our white drinking chocolate is similar to melting the most luxurious white chocolate truffle and drinking it from a cup. Unlike lesser white chocolates that have a waxy mouthfeel, ours is velvety and luxurious
    • Comes in 8 or 16 oz packages with instructions included
  • Introduced in 1936, the Galak bar is generally considered to be the first white chocolate bar. Nestlé released it alongside the Rayon bar (chocolate with honey and air bubbles) in response to an increasingly competitive chocolate market.

    • Using a double boiler or the Breville Cafe Frother, heat 1 cup of half & half or heavy whipping cream until hot to the touch.
    • Slowly pour 1/4 to 3/8 cup of the white chocolate while frothing the mixture with a whisk.
    • When the mixture is completely blended and frothy, serve in smalls cups.
    • For a more adult recipe, add a splash of your favorite liqueur. Raspberry, orange or cherry liqueurs are some of our favorites.
    • Pairs well with fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, Indian rice pudding, banana or pumpkin bread, and don't forget chocolate chip cookies.
  • Cane sugar, cocoa butter, full cream, lactose, sunflower lecithin, vanilla bean.

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