Twist Tea Thermos

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Why do we love this tea or coffee cold brew device? It's easy to use, cost-effective and makes a flavorful beverage by removing any bitterness. What's not to love?

Includes samples of our Blood Orange Black Tea and Dallas Bold coffee.
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  • Fun Facts
    • Place your favorite tea or coffee in the infuser, add cold water, and refrigerate overnight. Next morning, you're On-the-Go with a delicious cold brewed tea or coffee! Easy peasy, with all the flavor and none of the bitter.
    • 18 oz capacity.
    • Fine stainless steel mesh infuser prevents tea or coffee from escaping filter.
    • Vacuum sealed vessel ensures your tea keeps beverages hot for up to 8 hours, and cold up to 12.
    • Borosilicate glass can go from cold to hot.
    • Built-in travel handle for easy carrying.
    • BPA free.
    • Fits any standard-sized car cup holder.
    • Leak-proof, center push button lid provides 360° of drinkability to enjoy from any angle.
    • Availble in a fashionable, summery turquoise color.
    • Stylish twist texture ensuring a firm grip.
  • Ice was a luxury even into the 20th Century. The home refrigerator changed all that.

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