Ticket to Tea Collection, Unflavored, 2oz

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  • Ticket to Tea Collection Unflavored - The Cultured Cup®
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  • Ticket to Tea Collection Unflavored - The Cultured Cup®
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The Ticket to Tea - Unflavored Collection is your introduction to finding the flavors in the unadorned tea leaves themselves.  Spanning all five of the classic tea types, these teas represent a broad spectrum of tea experiences.  From the light, crisp body of the white to a tea that's darker than coffee, your palate will be informed by the range of tea possibilities. 

The Collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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  • Provides a taste of the five categories of tea–white, green, oolong, black and dark

    • White Peony: a beautiful introduction to white tea, this tea consists of tea leaves and a few leaf buds and is the least processed of the five categories of tea
    • Green Needle: this Chinese organic green tea is shaped into needles and wok-fired to prevent oxidation, maintain the green color and produce a distinctive chestnut flavor
    • Kukicha: unlike Chinese green teas, our Japanese Kukicha (stem tea) green tea is lightly steamed to prevent oxidation, which creates a fresh flavor of edamame
    • Jade Goddess: this Chinese oolong tea is rolled into spherical shapes and lightly oxidized, which results in floral notes of jasmine and orchid
    • Amber Goddess: the tea leaves of this tea are from the same area as Jade Goddess, shaped similarly but more oxidized and toasted resulting in the taste of baked bread
    • Golden Needles: one of our favorite black teas, this hand-picked Chinese tea consists entirely of leaf buds that are shaped and allowed to oxidize fully giving this tea a creamy and complex flavor profile – very special
    • Keemun Black Label: the small tea leaves used to make this full-bodied Chinese black tea are tightly twisted, fully oxidized resulting in bold tea with a slight smoky note
    • Silk Road Pu'er Cake: The Silk Road was a trade route connecting China with Central Asia and Europe, and tea was one of the products traded. To protect the tea from moisture along the road, the Chinese compressed the tea into a brick. Silk Road Pu'er is a cooked Pu'er with substantial body and velvety notes of morel mushroom and sweet tobacco.
    • Most people don’t realize that all five categories of tea: white, green, oolong, black and dark teas can be made by using the same tea plant–it’s the unique processing steps of each category that creates the five different types of tea
    • Tea is very similar to wine in that the terroir (climate, soil, elevation, and regional processing methods) further distinguishes the characteristics of a specific tea
    • When you drink tea, you taste a specific terroir–it’s just like wine!
    • White Peony: China white tea: 100%
    • Green Needle: China green tea: 100%
    • Kukicha: Japanese green tea: 100%
    • Jade Goddess: Chinese oolong tea: 100%
    • Amber Goddess: Chinese oolong tea: 100%
    • Golden Needles: Chinese black tea: 100%
    • Keemun Black Label: Chinese black tea: 100%
    • Silk Road Pu'er Cake: Chinese dark tea (Pu'er): 100%

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