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Three Roasts Coffee Collection - The Cultured Cup®
Three Roasts Coffee Collection - The Cultured Cup®

Three Roasts Coffee Collection, 8 oz

The Cultured Cup All Roasts
$ 31.00
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  • Whole Bean
  • French Press (Coarse)
  • Drip (Standard)
  • Espresso #1 (Fine)
  • Turkish (Very Fine)

80 oz Bags add 1-2 days to shipping time

Learn how three different roasts affect the flavor of the same coffee. Taste light, medium, and dark roasts of the same Costa Rican coffee.

The collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 


La Minita: When translated, la minita means "small gold mine," and this lightly roasted coffee deserves the title. Described as classic elegance, La Minita is one of the world's most carefully produced and flavorful coffees. Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee beans

La Minita Viennese: A darker roast than La Minita, Viennese roast maintains the complex flavor profile of the coffee but adds a note of dark toffee. A versatile coffee that richly rewards with flavor and depth. Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee beans

Italian Roast: Unlike many espresso coffees that use low-quality coffee beans, our Italian Roast is made with 100% high elevation Costa Rica coffee beans. Expect a rich espresso with thick crema. Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee beans