Gung Fu Teaset with Incense, 7-pc

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  • Gung Fu Teaset with Incense, 7-pc
  • Gung Fu Teaset with Incense, 7-pc
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This red tea set brings tranquility to teatime and includes a teapot, 3 cups, a tea caddy, incense & holder. In a red presentation box. 

Includes a sample of Moutain Stream Oolong.  

How to Use this Tea Set: Gong Fu Cha means making tea with patience and purpose, uses 3-4 times more tea, but steeps the same leaves multiple short times. Start with a 15-20 second steep and pour out the liquid into the 3 cups and drink with your guests. With each steeping, the time increases by 10-15 seconds. Some teas can be steeped 8 or more times. This unusual technique creates a flavor experience that evolves and changes with each steeping.  

Another part of Gong Fu Cha is being mindful while preparing tea. Use slow, smooth, and creative movements. Clear your mind of daily frustrations and concentrate only on your movements. Allow yourself to be creative and spontaneous while preparing tea.  

When the tea is ready to drink, turn your focus to the color, aroma, and taste of each steeping. If you've previously made this tea western-style, ie., one long steeping, compare the flavor differences between the two steeping methods. 

Sample Ingredients: 100% Taiwan Mountain Stream Oolong  

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