Teapot, Yixing Hand-Hammered, Grey/Gold, 14oz -NEW!

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This teapot is a study of texture with its hand-hammered clay body in shades of dark grey and gold.  The jute fiber wrapped handle provides additional textural contrast. If you're a teapot collector, this clay expression of "wabi-sabi - finding beauty in imperfection" will become a prized addition to your collection!

Includes one sample of an artisan Chinese tea that can be steeped multiple times. 
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      • This teapot holds 12 oz. of tea, and is 5-1/2" in diameter (including the spout) and 5-1/2" high.  
    • This teapot is an expression of the Japanese concept of "Wabi-Sabi, which means is a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay.”"   A small teapot is part of the gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony (Chinese: 工夫茶 or 功夫茶), which is a method of making Chinese tea involving the ritualized preparation and presentation of tea.  The term literally means "making tea with skill."



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