Teapot, Yixing, Dark Brown Dragon, 24oz -NEW!

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  • Teapot, Yixing, Dark Brown Dragon, 24oz -NEW!
  • Teapot, Yixing, Dark Brown Dragon, 24oz -NEW!
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The dragon is a symbol of energy and good fortune and this 5-Dragon Yixing teapot brings extra good luck! The unglazed dark brown teapot has two rattan-wrapped handles and the spout is a fierce dragon.  Use this teapot for full-bodied black teas such as Keemun or Assam.  As you continue making tea in this teapot, the porous clay will absorb the tea oils and enhance the patina. 

Includes one sample of an artisan Keemun Hao Ya black tea.  The same tea leaves  can be steeped multiple times. 
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      • This teapot holds 24 oz. of tea, and is 7-1/4" in diameter (including the spout) and 8-3/4" high.  
      • To "break-in" this teapot, decide on the type of black tea you intend to make in it.  Before using, remove the handles and soak the teapot in a large pot containing a strong solution of the tea.  Allow the teapot to soak several hours in the tea and discard the tea. Your teapot is now broken-in.
      • IMPORTANT:  Never use soap to clean your yixing clay teapot, as the porous clay will absorb the soap. 
      • To clean the teapot, rinse out with hot water and allow the teapot to drain and air dry.
    • To the ancient Chinese, the dragon was a symbol of incredible luck, prosperity, abundance, consistent success, and high achievement. It also had control over rainfall, which affected the nation's tea farmers. And, the dragon is connected with the spring season as it symbolizes a new and auspicious beginning.  Accordingly, the mythological dragon was used in the name of teas, such as Dragon Well and Curled Silver Dragon.
    • A small teapot is part of the gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony (Chinese: 工夫茶 or 功夫茶), which is a method of making Chinese tea involving the ritualized preparation and presentation of tea.  The term literally means "making tea with skill."



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