Teapot, Hand-Painted Glass, Bird & Flower Design, 30-oz

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This poetic glass teapot is hand-painted and features a colorful bird sitting on a branch of blooming cherry blossoms. With glass, you see the tea leaves unfurl and the tea change color.  A teapot to share a mindful moment with a friend or two. 

Includes a sample of Orchid Dew green tea, a Japanese tea cultivar planted in China's Zhejiang Province.   A tea that combines the flavors of Chinese and Japanese green teas!
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  • Fun Facts
    • The 24-oz teapot has a tea spout filter that prevents tea leaves from entering into your cup. 
    • This teapot is not dishwasher safe.  Hand-wash only!
    • In China, the cherry blossom is a symbol of feminine dominance and female beauty and sexuality.  

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