Teapot, Gray Crackle China, Hand-Made, Dragon Handle, 5oz -NEW!

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  • Teapot, Gray Crackle China, Hand-Made, Dragon Handle, 5oz -NEW!
  • Teapot, Gray Crackle China, Hand-Made, Dragon Handle, 5oz -NEW!
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The body of this decorative china teapot is light grey with a glossy crackle finish.  The body and lid of the teapot each have a thin unglazed band of dark grey containing black and gold Chinese characters. We love this teapot for Gong Fu tea preparation, where you quadruple the amount of tea, but steep the same tea leaves 1 minute or less multiple times.    

Includes a sample of our amazing Organic Orchid Dew green tea.
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  • Fun Facts
    • The teapot's spout is designed to hold back the leaves, so you don't need an infuser.  This allows the tea leaves to fully expand within the teapot.
    • This teapot is not dishwasher safe.  Hand-wash only!
    • Unlike many Gong Fu Cha teapots that are porous clay, this teapot is glazed.  When finished making tea with this teapot, rinse with hot water and allow the teapot to air-dry.  
    • Makes 5 fluid oz. of tea.
    • Gong Fu Cha literally means "making tea with patience and purpose." When using this technique, be aware of your movements while preparing the tea.  Allow yourself to be creative while you prepare your tea.  When the tea is ready to drink, turn your focus to the color, aroma, and taste of each steeping.  How does the flavor change during the multiple steepings? 

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