Teacup Set/4 Shapes with Matching Tray

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  • Teacup Set/4 Shapes with Matching Tray
  • Teacup Set/4 Shapes with Matching Tray
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This set of 4 differently shaped mocha brown and white bone china teacups sits on a matching rectangular tray. The silky glaze, variety of shapes and exterior patterns, and gleaming white interiors enrich the experience of drinking tea.  Use these 3-oz cups for fine green teas, and consider using them for saki, your favorite liqueur, or a fine single-malt Scotch whiskey!

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    • Each distinctively different cup holds 3-oz of tea of your favorite tea or liqueur.  
    • These cups are dishwasher safe, but to maintain the beauty of these teacups longer, hand wash. 
    • Have you noticed that the flavor of tea changes and opens-up as the tea liquid cool?  When the tea is hot, some of the flavors are obscured. While drinking your tea, be mindful of the flavors as the tea cools.  How does the tea's flavor change at different points of time? At which point in time is the tea most flavorful for you? 
    • Fine china was first produced in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE).  Fine china is made from kaolin, a type of white clay.  The Europeans didn't discover how to make fine china until 1704 when the German physicist Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus discovered the secret of using kaolin. 

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