Tea Tin, Stainless, 8-12 oz

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The stylish way to keep tea fresh on your kitchen counter.

Product Details:  

  • This embossed stainless steel tea tin with an inner seal is 6.25" high and 5" in diameter. The textured, easy-to-hold tin is decorated with weeping willows and mountains.  
  • The tin holds between 8-12 oz (133-170 gm) of teas. Note: Teas vary widely in volume and weight. For teas such as White Peony or Silver Needles, this tin may only hold 4-6 oz of tea. 
Fun Fact:
  • It wasn’t until the price of tea became affordable to the middle class in the mid-19th Century (and the Industrial Revolution began mass-producing storage tins) that tea came to be sold and stored in tins. 

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