Tea Set, White China Teapot/2 Cups & Black Tray -NEW!

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This translucent bone china tea set has a side-handled small teapot with two matching cups.  The teapot and cups sit on a bamboo-topped black and textured pottery tray to catch any spills. Imagine a special friend's delight when you serve them tea from this tea set?

Includes a sample of artisan Hand-plucked Japanese Sencha green tea.  
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  • Fun Facts
      • The teapot makes 4-oz of tea, and each teacup holds 2-oz of tea.  The draining tray is 8-1/2" in diameter and the bamboo top is impervious to liquids.  
      • Did you know that the flavor of tea opens up when the hot tea cools slightly? The small size cups allow the tea to cool so that the flavor components are revealed when you sip.   
    • In Japan, a side-handled teapot is called a kyusu

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