Tea Set, Teapot, Fair Cup & 2 cups

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This 4-piece tea set is all you need to make tea for you and a special friend.  Each piece has an olive green exterior with tiny flecks of tan and a contrasting light olive interior. The teapot has a built-in strainer so you don't need an infuser.  When your tea is ready, pour the tea from the teapot into the Fair Cup (tea pitcher).  This tea set turns tea-time into a sensory ceremony! 

Includes a sample of our Taiwanese Mountain Spring Oolong tea.   
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  • Fun Facts
      • The teapot makes approximately 8-oz of tea.  Each teacup holds 3-oz. 
      • We recommend hand-washing each piece of this tea set. 
      • When your tea has steeped the correct amount of time for your taste, pour the tea from the Teapot (with the lid), into the Fair Cup (tea pitcher). The teapot has a built-in tea strainer so the tea leaves stay behind when pouring into the Fair Cup.
      • When cleaning the teapot, never use soap as the porous clay will absorb this.
      • To clean, use very hot water and allow the teaware to air dry.
      • Also, did you know that the flavor of tea opens up when the hot tea cools slightly? The small size cups allow the tea to cool so that the flavor components are revealed when you sip.   
    • Gong Fu Cha literally means "making tea with patience and purpose." When using this technique, be aware of your movements while preparing the tea.  Allow yourself to be creative while you prepare your tea.  When the tea is ready to drink, turn your focus to the color, aroma, and taste of each steeping.  How does the flavor change during the multiple steepings? 

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