Tea Set in Pebbled Glass with Tray

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This stylish tea set includes everything you need to share tea with special friends: a pebbled-glass, 24-oz teapot topped with an emerald agate and gold finial, four textured cups with gold detailing, and a convenient bamboo serving tray.  The jute-wrapped handle provides comfort and additional textural interest.  This tea set turns tea-time into a sensory experience. 

Includes a sample of artisan Hand-plucked Japanese Sencha green tea.  
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      • Serving tea in glass provides a calming and visual element for your guests.  Japanese teas with their vibrant green colors look particularly beautiful when served from this teapot into the textural teacups.  
      • Also, did you know that the flavor of tea opens up when the hot tea cools slightly? The small size cups allow the tea to cool so that the flavor components are revealed when you sip.   
    • Archeological evidence suggests that glassmaking first began concurrently in about 3,000 BCE in both Mesopotamia and Egypt.  And, the first glass vessels for drinking were created in the same two civilizations in about 1,500 BCE. 

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