Tea Dance (Sevilla) Giftbox

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  • Tea Dance (Sevilla) Giftbox
  • Tea Dance (Sevilla) Giftbox
  • Tea Dance (Sevilla) Giftbox
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For lovers of citrus-floral flavored teas and dancing, the Tea Dance Thé Dansant Gift Box is a perfect gift.  

Each is packaged in a silk-screened tin containing 100gm (3.5 oz) of tea. 


Veranda: An organic silver-tip earl grey Ingredients: China organic black tea, organic natural flavorings, organic flowers of the trade.

Bolero: A black tea flavored with fruits and flowers. Ingredients: India organic black tea, organic natural flavorings, and organic flowers of the trade. 

How to Steep: Veranda: 1.5 tsp/2.5g, 8oz water, 212°F, steep 4-5 min. Bolero: 1.5 tsp, 8oz water, 212°F, Steep 4-5 min.

Fun Fact: In hot weather, Tea Dances often moved outside to the Veranda. The word Bolero is a Spanish dance in 3-quarter time.

The label Jardin Premier+ is reserved for organic teas whose exceptional purity meets the strict European regulations (ED) No. 834/2007 and (EC) No. 396/2005.

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