Taiwan Wuyi Oolong

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This Taiwanese Oolong has the distinctive mineral notes common in Wuyi Mountain oolongs from China's Fujian Province. The Taiwan Wuyi version is oxidized less and roasted longer. The result is a toasty tea with prominent notes of caramelized fruit and roasted chestnut.

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  • 1-2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 195°F, 4-5 min.

    When using a yixing teapot or a gaiwan, use twice as much tea and steep the same tea leaves 1-2 minutes multiple times until the flavor fades.

    • This tea transplant grows at the heart of Taiwan in Nantou County.
    • Tea leaves are partially withered in weak sunlight and finished indoors
    • The workers use bamboo trays to toss and lightly bruise the leaves
    • After hand-rolling the tea leaves, the tea gets roasted which differs from traditional Wuyi processes.
    • The tea's dark brown liquor is toasty with hints of roasted apricot and a finish of minerality. 
    • The poor quality of the soil causes the tea bush to develop long taproots, which extract vitamins and minerals from deep within the earth
    • Wuyi Oolong is very popular in Taiwan which prompted the acquisition of Wuyi cultivars to grow locally making the tea more affordable.
    • Granola, Toasted Bagels
    • Oatmeal with raisins and dusted with cinnamon
    • Sautéed mushrooms
    • Fresh, dried, baked or grilled apricots or peaches
    • Stir-fried vegetables with chicken or pork
    • Any chocolate dessert
  • Taiwan, Nantou County oolong tea: 100%

  • Oriental Beauty (Dong Feng Mei Ren), Dan Cong Feng Huang, Nepali Champagne Oolong, China Oolong

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