Matcha Tea Sifting Set, Spoon and Sieve

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Measure and sift your matcha like a pro with this stainless spoon and sieve set. The sieve sits conveniently on your cup or matcha bowl, while you use the spoon to sift the matcha through the fine-mesh!  

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    • This stainless set is a modern and practical solution for sifting matcha.
    • The tiny spoon (4.75") and fine-mesh conical sieve (8.5" long with a sieve diameter of 3") are food-grade stainless and dishwasher safe.
    • Since matcha is ground so fine, it can easily absorb moisture and develop clumps, which prevents it from completely incorporating with water. Froth across the surface of whisked matcha ensures that it is completely mixed into the water. Chefs sift flour for the same reason!
    • Not only each step of the ceremony, but each movement made by the host preparing the tea is carefully choreographed and takes years of study to master.
    • One of our favorite stories about the contrast between American and Japanese tea cultures occurred when an American studying the Japanese tea ceremony for several years invited his American mother to watch him conduct a tea ceremony. After the ceremony was completed, the mother said to her son, “there must be a faster way to make a pot of tea!”
    • In Western culture, the beginning and the end are most important, but in the world of the Japanese tea ceremony, every movement and moment is important, and the incredible focus and concentration it takes to remain “in the moment” is greatly valued.

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