Rapidly Ripened Pu'er

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The special and secret processing method to create this outstanding Pu’er tea was invented in the 1970’s. A thoroughly modern addition within the 5,000 year history of tea. Infuses nearly black in the cup and reveals substantial body, smoothness and complexity.

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  • 1.5 tsp per 8 oz of water, 212°F, 5-6 min. Steep the same tea leaves multiple times until the flavors disappear.

    • The "single malt" scotch of tea
    • With powerful and peaty notes, but velvety smooth with no harshness
    • Upfront notes of morel mushroom and smooth, peaty single malt scotch give way to a long finish of raisin and sweet tobacco. Delicious and unexpected
  • While it might take ten or fifteen years of aging for traditionally processed (sheng) pu’er tea to develop rich complexity, China’s modern Wo Dui process produces similar results in a matter of months

    • Breakfast sausage or bacon
    • Any dish with mushrooms or truffles
    • Pork, steaks or wild game
    • Dark chocolate truffles or desserts
    • Single-malt scotch
  • China, Yunnan Province Pu'er tea: 100%

  • Dark Chocolate Pu'er, Orange Truffle, German Chocolate Cake, Love Potion

       (Formerly known as Yunnan Teahouse Pu'er)

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