Music Box Nocturne "Dream of Love" with 5 Teas by Mariage Frères - NEW!

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Imagine you or somebody you love opening this elegant music box of exotic teas and hearing the music from Franz Liszt's "Dream of Love?"  Beautifully packaged inside are five teas inspired by distant lands. And, there is a silver-plated tea measuring spoon! 

Each packet of the five teas holds 20 grams of tea. 

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  • Each tea's steeping instructions is detailed in Product Listing. 
  • Packed inside are: 1. Nocturne Oriental: a fragrant and citrus-flavored green tea: Steep 1.5-tsp of tea in 8-oz of 175-degree water for 3-min.  2. Thé des Rois (tea of the kings): a refreshing green tea with mint and yellow marigold petals. Delicious hot or iced. Steep 1.5-tsp of tea in 8-oz of 175-degree water 3 min. 3. Rouge Sahara: a caffeine-free blend of South African rooibos, rose petals, mint, and marigold petals. Steep 2-tsp of tea in 8-oz of 208-degree water for 6-8 min. 4. Casablanca: a Chinese green tea Moroccan mint and oil of bergamot. Steep 1.5-tsp of  tea in 8-oz of 175-degree water for 3-4 min. 5. Thé Sur le Nil: a green tea with citrus fruits and flowers from the fertile land that borders the Nile River.  Steep 1.5-tsp of  tea in 8-oz of 175-degree water for 3-4 min. 
  • The music box plays Franz Liszt's Liebesträume, which means "Dream of Love" and is one of the most recognizable works for piano.  Besides being a renowned composer, Franz Liszt, who was born in Hungary, was one of the greatest concert pianists of the 19th Century, and several of his piano works are among the most challenging technically of all piano repertoire. 
  • Chocolate croissant, pancakes, French toast, oatmeal or waffles with dark chocolate chips, afternoon tea fare from sweet and savory tea sandwiches to scones with clotted cream, dark or milk chocolate dessert, any vanilla cream dessert, and Crêpe Suzette.
    • Nocturne Oriental: China green tea; citrus, ginger. 

    • Thé des Rois (tea of the kings): China green tea, Moroccan mint, rose petals, natural flavoring. 

    • Rouge Sahara:  South African Rooibos, hibiscus petals, blue cornflowers, natural flavoring;

    • Red Opera: South African rooibos, vanilla & red fruit flavoring.  

  • Earl Grey, Roi de by Mariage FrèresEarl Grey Imperial by Mariage FrèresThé de Fêtes by Mariage Frères, Russian Breakfast by Mariage Frères

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