Moroccan Tea Glasses, Set of 6

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These jewel-colored Moroccan tea glasses are used throughout North Africa to serve the traditional sweetened green tea with fresh mint. One sip and you'll want to "play it again!"

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  • Fun Facts
    • Each glass holds 4-oz. of tea.  
    • Hand-wash these hand-painted glasses.
    • Our Marrakesh and Casablanca green teas are flavored with mint and a whisper of Earl Grey, and the perfect teas to serve in these jewel-toned glasses! 
    • Another use for these glasses?  Holders for votive candles - a Kaleidoscope of colors!
    • Green tea with mint is a Moroccan tradition of hospitality. 
    • Gunpowder, a rolled and pan-fired Chinese green tea, is the traditional tea used for Moroccan tea. Moroccans drink this tea several times throughout the day and evening.

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