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Our Mind-Body Collection gathers teas and caffeine-free herbal infusions to calm you and keep you in the moment. This Collection's teas have subtle and soft flavors to awaken and focus your senses.

The Collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • White Peony: a soothing, pleasant white tea.
    • White Riesling: flavored with dried Riesling grapes, this tea delights like the famous German white wine, but keeps the mind a little sharper!
    • Sencha Asanoka: a vibrant green liquor and definitive umami flavor are hallmarks for a great sencha. This tea's highlights, though, are its velvety notes of edamame and watercress, and its long, lingering sweet finish.
    • Sencha Goji-Berry: this delicious Chinese green tea blended with red goji-berries offers balanced flavor notes of orchid and blueberry.
    • Blooming Flower: made from hand-crafted green tea, each bud gracefully blooms in hot water, opening into a colorful bouquet of flowers and tea.
    • Moroccan Oasis Mint: calm and cool your mind and body connection with this refreshing mint infusion!
    • Raspberry Rooibos: a homage to the bright champagne cocktail, this delightful rooibos infusion is bursting with ripe berry flavor!
    • The mind/body connection to tea started with Chinese Buddhist monks, who drank tea to prepare for long periods of meditation and reflection.
    • The Japanese and many other Asian countries discovered tea when they traveled to China to study Buddhism.
    • Scientists have discovered that tea slows brain-wave patterns and may aid concentration and focus.
    • Tea is an ideal beverage to prepare for meditation, yoga, tai chi, or any other mind-and-body activity.
    • White Peony: China white tea: 100%
    • White Riesling: China white tea, rosehip peel, freeze-dried black currants, flavoring, cornflower blossoms, mallow blossoms
    • Sencha Asanoka: Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture green tea: 100%
    • Sencha Goji-Berry: Chinese green tea (80%), goji berries, lemongrass, pomegranate arils, flavoring, cornflower blossoms
    • Chamomile Mint: Croatian chamomile, Egyptian and Moroccan mint
    • Blooming Flower: China green tea, globe amaranth flowers, chrysanthemum, and magnolia flowers
    • Moroccan Oasis Mint: Egyptian and Moroccan mint: 100%
    • Raspberry Rooibos: South African rooibos, freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry flavoring


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