Matte Black Vacuum Canister, 8-oz or 10-oz

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  • Matte Black Vacuum Canister, 8-oz or 10-oz
  • Matte Black Vacuum Canister, 8-oz or 10-oz
  • Matte Black Vacuum Canister, 8-oz or 10-oz

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Oxygen is the enemy of both coffee and tea.  This clever storage device, available in two sizes, removes the air when you twist the lid back and forth. The small unit holds 8oz. of coffee or 4 oz. of most teas while the large model holds 10 oz. of coffee or 6 oz. of tea. Also, the small unit is the perfect storage unit for matcha. 

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  • Fun Facts
    • When you've removed enough air by twisting the lid, the dot on the lid reveals a green ring.
    • To open the canister, press the lid's button to unlock the lid and bring the air pressure back to normal.
    • CAUTION: When storing matcha or finely broken teas, store the teas in a zip-lock bag so the fine powder does not affect the vacuum mechanism. 
    • Hand-wash only!
    • When tea first came to Europe from China, the first tea container was made of blue & white porcelain in the shape of ginger jar
    • It wasn’t until the price of tea became affordable to the middle class in the mid-19th Century (and the Industrial Revolution began mass-producing storage tins) that tea came to be sold and stored in tins

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