Matcha Sifter Canister

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The fun way to banish clumps from your matcha. Easy to use sifter works like a charm.

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  • Fun Facts
    • Our matcha comes in a sealed tin and when opened can absorb moisture that causes the powder to clump. These clumps make it difficult to whisk the matcha into hot water.
    • This matcha sifter solves the problem: Place several scoops of matcha on the fine mesh grate and using the metal scraper, press the matcha against the sifter screen by moving the scraper back and forth until all the matcha is sifted.
    • Merlot or black colored lacquer tin with Japanese characters (for matcha)
    • Removable, fine-mesh wire screen
    • Gold colored metal scraper included
    • Diameter: 3.25"
    • Height: 3.60"
    • Since matcha is a finely ground powder, it will oxidize and turn an olive green quickly
    • Store matcha in a tightly sealed tin in the freezer
    • Better yet, place the sealed tin in a freezer bag, with the air squeezed out - the more layers of protection from the moisture, the better

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