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Matcha Bowl, Artisan - GMMB1286
Matcha Bowl, Artisan - GMMB1286

Matcha Bowl, Artisan - GMMB1286

Hand-Made by Artist Ginny Marsh
$ 100.00
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This one-of-a-kind tea bowl by artist Ginny Marsh is inspired by wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection). 

Read more about Ginny Marsh in the D Magazine article "Imperfect Bowls Are the Perfect Vessels for Matcha." To learn more about wabi-sabi, go to Kyle Stewart's TEDxSMU talk.

Fun Facts: Wabi-sabi stoneware reflects materials in the natural world and how they change from season to season and over time.

Shino glaze, a term for a family of pottery glazes, ranges in color from milky white to orange, sometimes with grey spots known as "carbon traps," which trap the carbon in the glaze during firing.