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Insulated French Press, Black, 24 oz

by Fellow

Meet the most thoughtful French press. With nuanced details and upgraded features, this brewing process is easy, enjoyable, and the epitome of a coffee table centerpiece. When coffee grinds and hot water mingle for an extended period of time, expect big, bold, and complex flavors!

Includes samples of La Minita Viennese and Dallas Bold.

Product Details: Coffee Capacity: 24 oz Dimensions: 170 mm (L)  x 115 mm (W) x 200 mm (H) Weight: 917 g (with plastic handle), 784.5 g (with walnut handle) Materials: Stainless steel body and filter, BPA-free plastic lid and handle, optional walnut wooden press and handle Cleaning: Handwash Only

Fun Fact: The first French press (cafetière) that we're familiar with today was made in 1852 by a Parisian metalsmith and a merchant who received a joint patent for filtering the coffee by using a sliding piston.