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Are you passionate about ice tea?

Any tea can be poured over ice, but a great ice tea is brisk, strong, smooth, and generously flavorful. We've blended all five of the ice teas in this collection with that perfect balance in mind, then found flavors that are both classic and surprising. These mouthwatering teas are perfect to cool you down in the summer, but make great companions all year long!

The Collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • For all ice teas: 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz water, 212°F, 3-4 min
    • Several summers ago, The Cultured Cup had dozens of our customers, a professional panel of tea savvy chefs, and wine sommeliers each blind taste dozens of flavored and non-flavored ice tea blends.
    • The following ice teas were the overwhelming favorites:
    • Chocolate Mint Ice: sumptuous, cooling, and chocolatey.
    • The Cultured Cup Ice Tea Blend: a bold black ice tea with mouthwatering briskness.
    • Lemon Basil Ice: a delicious and refreshing departure from expected ice tea blends, and the perfect food partner.
    • Mango Tango Ice: packed with sweet mango and orange pieces, this ice tea will take you on a tropical flavor adventure!
    • Texas Peach Ice: bursting with fresh, ripe peach flavor, this refreshing peach ice tea is the best that we’ve ever tasted!
    • The beginning of ice tea is a debatable fact — many tea historians consider Richard Blechynden, an English merchant, the inventor of ice tea.
    • Blechynden was put in charge of the tea pavilion at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, but a record high summer heat didn’t make hot tea a popular item with the fairgoers. Desperate to showcase the teas from Ceylon and India, he began serving the tea cold in glasses filled with ice. His idea was an instant success, and ice tea was born!
    • Any buttery pastry
    • Any cookie, cake, or pie
    • Barbecue chicken, pork, or steak
    • Barbecued brisket
    • Pulled-pork sandwich
    • Scallops, shrimp, lobster, or any fresh fish
    • Gruyere, gouda, Havarti or cheddar cheese
    • Fresh peach pie or cobbler
    • Chocolate Mint Ice: Sri Lanka black tea, China dark tea, dark chocolate bits (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), natural and artificial flavor, Egyptian mint. CONTAINS: soy, milk. 
    • The Cultured Cup Ice Tea Blend: Sri Lanka black tea: 100%
    • Lemon Basil Ice: Sri Lanka black tea, Taiwan oolong tea, basil, lemon granules (fruit, lemon juice, malt dextrin, natural lemon oil, gelling agent: sodium alginate), flavoring, marigold blossoms
    • Mango Tango Ice: Sri Lankan black tea, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), mango cubes (mango, sugar) pineapple and mango flakes, orange slices, flavoring, freeze-dried tangerine-orange pieces, safflower, marigold blossoms, freeze-dried strawberry slices
    • Texas Peach Ice: Sri Lankan black tea, peach flavoring


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