Hazelnut Cream

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This award-winning Hazelnut Cream is our #1 selling flavored coffee. One sip and you'll know why — it's the perfect balance of rich hazelnuts, fresh cream, and top-notch coffee.

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    • Hazelnut Cream combines high-grown Costa Rican coffee with toasted hazelnut and vanilla flavorings.
    • Need a great coffee for your next dinner party? Hazelnut Cream will be a hit!
    • NOTE: No hazelnuts or other nuts are used in this coffee blend.
    • The world runs on coffee, but what about your car? In 2011, British scientists created a car that runs on used coffee beans. The car purportedly creates fuel by first heating the used coffee beans, creating carbon dioxide and water vapor. Hot carbon is then used to reduce them to carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is then cooled with a radiator. The car went over 65 mph, setting a world record (for a car powered by waste).
    • The Willamette Valley of Oregon, home of some the United States' finest wines, is also the United States' leading producer of hazelnuts. The region actually produces over 99% of U.S. hazelnuts.
    • Sticky cinnamon buns with pecans
    • Oatmeal with toasted nuts
    • Banana nut, pumpkin or zucchini bread
    • French toast, pancakes or waffles with toasted nuts and maple syrup
    • Any chocolate or vanilla-based dessert
    • For a delicious coffee toddy, add a splash of a hazelnut, almond or vanilla liquor
  • Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans: 100%

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