Tea Glass Set/4, Hand-Etched 2.5

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These hand-etched tea glasses are one-of-a-kind and will become a family heirloom.  In much of the Middle-East, tea is consumed from tulip-shaped glass cups. Besides beautifully displaying the color of each tea, these glasses do double duty for any after-dinner liqueur!

Comes with a sample of Turkish Apple Infusion, a commonly consumed and caffeine-free fruit infusion throughout the Middle East.

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    • Surprise your guests with tea or an after-dinner liqueur from these 3.25" tall tulip-shaped.  Each glass holds 2-3 oz. of liquid and is hand-etched 1.25" from its bottom. 
    • When serving tea in these glasses, fill the glass half full (2-oz).  To drink hot tea from the glass and to keep your fingers cool, use your thumb and third finger to hold the top rim of the glass. 
    • “Caysiz sohbet, aysiz gok yuzu gibidir” is a popular Turkish saying, and translates in English as: "conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon" -Folk saying from Sivas, Turkey.       

    • Tea in Turkish is ÇAY!  and is pronounced chai. The Turkish words for Turkish tea glass are: "Türk çay bardaği."  

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