Golden Oolong

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Complex, floral, and buttery—this lightly oxidized oolong will bring a smile to your face. Its large leaves are tightly rolled and slowly unfurl with each steeping—revealing their beautiful jade color and a balanced, flavor-packed cup.

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  • 2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 195°F, 3-5 min.

    When using a Yixing tea pot or a Gaiwan, use two to three times as much tea and steep same tea leaves (between 30 sec and 2 min) multiple times until the flavor fades

    • One of the "Four Famous Teas" of Anxi
    • An ideal jade (lightly oxidized) oolong from Fujian Province on the southeast coast of China
    • Expect characteristic notes of orchid and honeysuckle, followed by a buttery, lingering finish
    • Sip this tea alongside a jade Taiwanese Oolong, and you will taste the terroir of Fujian!
    • Though Taiwan is less than two hundred miles across the bay from Fujian, and its Alishan region produces many fine jade oolongs, none will have the characteristic minerality of this Huang Jin Gui
    • Golden Oolong, like all good oolong teas, can be steeped in the Gong-Fu Cha method
    • Gong-Fu loosely translates to “with careful skill”
    • Though there are many variations, we suggest beginning with a small yixing pot (an unfired clay teapot, usually one cup or so, designed to absorb the flavors of the tea brewed within over time)
    • Place three to four tsps. of tea in the pot, and brew at 195°F for short periods of time (first 20 seconds, then 45, then a minute, and so forth)
    • Not only will you get five or six, even up to 10 steepings out of the tea—but each is its own flavor adventure, with unique tasting notes
    • Croissant
    • Green salad with pine or macadamia nuts
    • Shrimp, scallops, lobster or fish sautéed in butter
    • Soba noodles
    • Fresh buttery peas, green beans or snap peas
    • light cream-based dishes
    • Indian rice pudding
  • China, Fujian Province black tea: 100%

  • Jade Goddess, Tung Ting, Dan Cong Feng Huang, Oriental Beauty (Dong Feng Mei Ren), Amber Goddess

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