Golden Needles

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This tea contains hand-plucked golden leaf buds from Yunnan. From its floral aroma to its creamy finish, this tea is an extraordinary flavor experience.

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    • 2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 212°F, 5 min
    • Unlike any other black tea that we've carried, this tea is composed mostly of tips from the tea plant. The result is an intense aroma of apricot and orchid, reminiscent of finer Darjeeling and Dan Cong teas.
    • The medium-bodied tea produces subtle flavor notes of caramel and roasted fig, with a lingering creamy hazelnut finish. Most characteristic of this tea is its velvety, creamy mouth feel, and pronounced minerality.
    • Golden Needle's body is lighter compared to other black teas, but this is one of the most complex and delicious black teas on the planet!
    • Drink this tea without milk to fully enjoy the amazing complexity within each cup.
    • This tea is also known as Golden Monkey, but don't be fooled by rumors that say monkeys pluck these tea leaves — they don't!
    • The rumor was started decades ago by an Englishman who either mistranslated or misunderstood his Chinese hosts and started the rumor in England, where it became tea mythology. Monkey-picked tea actually means that tea has been meticulously grown, harvested and processed.
    • One of our all-time favorite teas!
    • Buttery croissant
    • Buttered multi-grain toast
    • Oatmeal with toasted almonds and raisins
    • Mushroom risotto
    • Wild or brown rice
    • Mac and cheese
    • Mild cheddar, Gouda or Gruyere cheese
    • Lighter cream-based desserts
  • China, Yunnan Province black tea: 100%

  • Morning Moment, Réveiller, French Breakfast by Mariage Frères, Darjeeling Monteviot (1st flush)

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