Giga 6 Jura Specialty Coffee Machine - for Large Groups

$ 5,999.00 

  • Giga 6 Jura Specialty Coffee Machine - for Large Groups
  • Giga 6 Jura Specialty Coffee Machine - for Large Groups
  • Giga 6 Jura Specialty Coffee Machine - for Large Groups
  • Giga 6 Jura Specialty Coffee Machine - for Large Groups
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Giga 6 is for families who frequently entertain, or for medium-sized businesses. At the push of a button, this unit makes the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cortado, flat white, latte, or mixed-layer drinks and can keep up with a crowd! The Giga 6 can hold two different types of beans, and further customizes your coffee specialty by enabling you to select a blend of the two coffees! With this unit, your coffee is always freshly groundnot capsuled. 

Learn how much your family or company can SAVE by investing in a Jura for Home or Jura for Work.  See this coffee-making miracle in action: Giga 6 

Do you have more questions? To find the right Jura machine for your family, or your business, call Phil Krampetz, Co-Owner of The Cultured Cup, and a mechanical engineer: 1.888.847.8327.

Includes six 1-lb. bags of an assortment of light, medium, to dark roasted whole bean coffees from three distinctly different coffee origins, including 1. The Cultured Cup Blend (light roast), 2. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee (light roast), 3. New Guinea (light roast), 4. La Minita Viennese (medium roast), 5. Dallas Bold (dark roast), 6. Italian Espresso (darkest roast).
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          • Double power and double action for 28 specialties

            The secret to creating a perfect cup of coffee lies in creating ideal extraction conditions and to make trend specialties, it is vital you use the best ingredients. That’s why the new GIGA 6 has mastered the art of heating and frothing milk perfectly, as well as three different coffee brewing processes that come to life when preparing various trend specialties. The machine’s inner workings have been overhauled to provide the combined power of two heating systems and two pumps, enabling coffee and milk or coffee and milk foam to be prepared at the same time. This has opened a whole range of new possibilities for coffee lovers, including popular mixed drinks such as caffè latte, flat white, or cortado. JURA’s new pride and joy can even prepare two specialties simultaneously if desired. Milk and milk foam can be tailored exactly to your individual taste and programmed at 10 temperature levels.

            Two electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders

            The two electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders are precision-made using an incredibly hard material so that they can grind the coffee to the optimum fineness. The Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.©) delivers phenomenal results every time over the grinder’s entire service life. There are two grinders so that two different coffee varieties can be used, either individually or mixed together. The mix of coffee can be selected in increments of 25% (100% left, 75% left / 25% right, 50/50, etc.) to ensure you can always select the perfect blend.

            Artificial intelligence

            With the GIGA 6, artificial intelligence is finding its way into the operation of the machine. The 4.3" high-resolution touchscreen color display only shows the user relevant information. A self-learning algorithm identifies each user’s personal preferences and adapts the start screen accordingly, showing two, five, or eight preferred specialties. Images and symbols are self-explanatory, well thought out, and reduced to the absolute essentials. You can give specialties specific names which can then be shown or hidden.

            5-star handling

            The JURA engineers paid special attention to the redesign of the drip tray. The dishwasher-safe drip tray can easily be removed, emptied, and reinserted with just one hand. The center of gravity is ideally located to prevent any spills. Simple, clean, quick, convenient — this 5-star concept is incorporated down to the very last detail.

      • Giga 6 comes with an assortment of six different coffees from 3 different origins, and with 3 unique roast profiles — each coffee is whole-bean and weighs 1 lb: 1. The Cultured Cup Blend (light roast), origin — Costa Rica,  2. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (light roast) 3. New Guinea (light roast), 4. La Minita Viennese (medium roast) origin — Costa Rica, 5. Dallas Bold (dark roast) origin — Colombia, 6. Italian Espresso (darkest roast) origin — Costa Rica. 

For more information about this machine, call 1.888.VIP.TEAS (847.8327).

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