Easy-To-Use Teapot

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  • Easy-To-Use Teapot
  • Easy-To-Use Teapot
  • Easy-To-Use Teapot

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Why do we love this 14-oz Teapot?  It combines form and function and will last a lifetime. The unbreakable stainless construction has a built-in fine mesh infuser - the best small teapot we've ever found!

Includes a sample of our amazing Morning Moment black tea.
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  • Fun Facts
    • Makes 14-oz of tea, enough for a big mug of tea
    • Unbreakable and dishwasher safe
    • Big handle for easy holding
    • Stackable design saves space
    • Dripless spout for smooth pouring
    • Stainless steel teapot is completely dishwasher safe
    • Small footprint and multiple units are stackable
    • This individual teapot is a favorite in restaurants because of its small size, integrated fine mesh filter, and permanently attached lid - so it can't be misplaced!  

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