Cultured Cup Coffee Collection 8oz

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  • Cultured Cup Coffee Collection - The Cultured Cup®
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  • Cultured Cup Coffee Collection - The Cultured Cup®
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This collection includes all of our most popular coffee blends. These coffees range from our namesake Cultured Cup Blend to a powerful breakfast blend with just a hint of vanilla, to sumptuous dessert blends featuring hazelnut, chocolate, and cinnamon.  

The collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon.
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    • Wake Up Blend: This bold morning blend contains both light and dark roasted coffees with a faint whisper of vanilla flavoring.
    • Mountain Odyssey: A blend of chocolate and hazelnut flavors with Viennese Roasted Costa Rican coffee. A coffee for the adventurous spirit!
    • Private Label: Private Label is an intoxicating blend of chocolate, almond, and cinnamon, mixed with a rich and lightly roasted Costa Rican coffee.
    • Holiday Blend: Holiday Blend coffee is one of our most popular flavored coffees. Its magical combination of hazelnut and cinnamon flavors will welcome and warm your family and friends before, during, and after the holidays.
    • The Cultured Cup Blend: Our signature coffee is a blend of three coffees from the mountainous regions of Costa Rica, Colombia, and Sumatra. A lightly-roasted and medium-bodied coffee, this blend is exceptionally smooth, with subtle notes of citrus and blackberry.
    • The first flavored coffees were most likely invented in the Middle East several hundred years ago and included spices and toasted nuts.
    • Flavored coffees do not contain added calories or sugar.
    • Though flavoring has sometimes been used to disguise flaws in the coffee, high-quality examples aim to subtly flavor the beans, building upon the natural flavors of the coffee rather than hiding them.
    • Wake Up Blend: Costa Rican & Sumatran Arabica coffee beans, natural flavoring
    • Mountain Odyssey: Costa Rican coffee beans, Viennese roast Sumatra coffee beans, natural flavoring
    • Private Label: Costa Rica Arabica coffee, cinnamon powder and pieces, natural flavorings
    • Holiday Blend: Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans, natural flavorings
    • The Cultured Cup Blend: Colombian, Costa Rican, and Sumatran Arabica coffee beans 

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