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Mug, Tulipes Noires (black tulips)

by Gien Faïencerie of France

Handmade in France, this black-and-white mug is an elegant and graphic representation of the tulip, the official flower of the court of Louis XIV.  

Product Info: Gien Faïencerie has made the finest faïence (earthenware hand-decorated with opaque colored glazes) for over 200 years and controls the entire process, including making the clay, plaster molds, and glazes. Gien Faïence has a casual-chic style and draws inspiration from classic pieces that are elegant and timeless. 

Mug Dimensions & Care: Diameter = 2¾''/Height = 3¾''/Capacity = 8.5 oz Dishwasher-safe, but do not use high heat or sanitizer setting. NOTE: The mug is microwave safe for reheating only, and we recommend using an oven mitt when removing the mug from the microwave. Not oven-safe. 

Fun Fact: Tulips originated in the high plains of Central Asia. Their petals are edible.