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  • Connoisseur Tea Collection - The Cultured Cup®
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The Connoisseur Tea Collection is for the sophisticated tea drinker. It's an extraordinary opportunity to learn about and taste some of the world's most prized teas. Each tea is labeled with steeping instructions and detailed information to guide your taste adventure. 

Your choice of either 1 or 2 oz of all ten teas.  Because of the rarity of these teas, the teas within this ten tea Collection may change, but we'll always send the finest teas available.  The Collection is boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • Bai Hao Yin Zhen (white downy silver needles): entirely composed of delicate downy buds, this tea is one of our most prized and rare
    • Curled Dragon Silver Tip: from Zhejiang Province, this green tea is composed of tightly twisted silver tea leaf buds. The name is an allusion to a coiled dragon - a good luck icon in Chinese mythology. The taste is elegant with generous complexity, yet without astringency 
    • Orchid Dew:  a very special Chinese green tea from a Japanese cultivar planted in China about six years ago. The heritage of the cultivar accounts for its deep green color, as well its savory umami flavor, and rich notes of seaweed
    • Sencha Asanoka Cultivar: the extraordinarily delicious Japanese Sencha is from Kagoshima Prefecture and is our all-time favorite Sencha. This tea exemplifies what is meant by umami - a savory, brothy, and freshly green
    • Gardenia Goddess is perhaps the most complex tea for a Tea Master to produce, and is grown from a hybrid of two cultivars: Ti Kuan Yin and Orchid. Its light oxidation and 18-step manufacturing process create delicate floral notes of gardenia with a lingering, sweet aftertaste 
    • Cream Oolong: also known as milk oolong, this Taiwanese milk oolong is from a specific tea plant cultivar that yields flavor notes of butter and sweet cream – an “ah ha moment” tea
    • Honey Orchid Dan Cong Feng Huang Oolong: also known as the tea of many flavors, this medium-oxidized tea is produced in a mountainous area of China’s Guangdong Province, and is famous for its mouthwatering notes of honey, orchid, and stone fruit
    • Emperor’s Tribute Oolong: this more darkly oxidized Taiwanese tea is organically grown, which encourages the emerald leaf hopper insect to bite its leaves. As a result, the tea plant (almost immediately) produces chemical components to ward off the insects, which in turn intensifies the flavor components of the tea--resulting in wondrous notes of lotus, ripe plum, and apricot
    • Wuyi Rock Oolong: grown in the limestone rich Wuyi Mountain area of Fujian Province, this tea is loosely twisted and more oxidized to encourage flavor notes of dark molasses and cinnamon
    • Risheehat Estate 1st Flush Darjeeling Organic: The name Risheehat means “home of holy saints” and this tea garden was established by British planters in the mid 19th century. Darjeeling First Flush teas are produced from the first harvest of the year, immediately after the spring rains, from March to May. Don’t miss the floral, muscatel, and nutty complexity of this remarkable Spring plucked tea
    • Monkey Picked Golden Needles: although many people erroneously believe that monkeys pick this tea, this myth was started by an Englishman who misunderstood what his Chinese hosts said about this tea. The term “monkey picked” connotes a tea that is most meticulously grown, plucked (by humans), and processed. This Yunnan Province Chinese black tea is entirely made up of hand plucked golden leaf buds that have been shaped and allowed to oxidize fully. The result is a tea with a velvety and creamy mouth feel – a rich and extraordinary flavor experience.
    • Keemun Hao Ya: we call this Chinese black tea “the Bordeaux of teas.” The rich notes of oak and vanilla, the earthiness, and the notes of red fruit all follow the complexity of one of the world's finest wines. This small leafed Keemun cultivar is grown in the misty mountain region of Anhui Province.
    • Darjeeling is referred to as the “champagne of tea” because of the color of the steeped tea, and also the astronomical prices of the best Darjeeling teas
    • The tea growing area of Darjeeling is surprisingly small, just twice the area of the island of Manhattan
    • First and second flush refer to the season of harvesting the tea leaves–First (spring), Second (summer)
    • The English translation of Tie Kuan Yin is Iron Goddess of Mercy, a Buddhist Goddess
    • Bai Hao Yin Zhen: China, Fujian Province white tea
    • Curled Dragon Silver Tip: China, Zhenjiang Province green tea
    • Orchid Dew: China, Fujian Province green tea
    • Sencha Asanoka: Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture green tea
    • Gardenia Goddess: China, Fujian Province oolong tea
    • Cream Oolong: Taiwan oolong tea
    • Honey Orchid Dan Cong Feng Huang: China, Guangdong Province oolong tea
    • Emperor’s Tribute: Taiwan oolong tea
    • Wuyi Rock Oolong: China, Fujian Province oolong tea
    • Risheehat Estate 1st Flush Darjeeling Organic: India, Darjeeling black tea
    • Monkey Picked Golden Needles: China, Yunnan Province black tea
    • Keemun Hao Ya: China, Anhui Province black tea

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