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Our Connoisseur Collection includes three of the world's most highly regarded coffees: Kona Fancy Pure, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and La Minita Viennese.

The Connoisseur Coffee Collection is available in 12 oz amounts of all three coffees. The Collection is beautifully boxed, labeled, and tied with a ribbon.  FREE Shipping Nationwide on total orders of $75 and above!
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    • Kona Fancy Pure: Grown on the lush, volcanic slopes of Hawaii's Big Island, our 100% Kona Fancy Pure is an extraordinary flavor experience with lush notes of citrus and orange blossom. Kona Fancy Pure is the highest grade of Kona coffee available, and is lightly roasted to not obscure the lush flavors and ample complexity of the cup. One of the most sought-after coffees in the world!
    • Jamaican Blue Mountain: One of the most expensive and rare coffees in the world comes from the famed Wallenford Estate. The micro-climate of this small coffee plantation produces the "premier cru" of the coffee world. Many Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees contain a few beans from the Wallenford Estate, blended with lesser quality coffee beans from other Jamaican Plantations. Ours is certified as 100% from the Wallenford Estate. Renowned for its notes of blackberry and chocolate, this coffee has been lightly roasted to showcase its impeccable nuance. For a very special occasion!
    • La Minita Viennese: La Minita means "small gold mine," and this stellar medium-dark roasted coffee has earned that title--with notes of dark toffee and a hint of cocoa. A great find! This hand-sorted coffee is one of the most carefully processed and delicious in the world
    • There is one coffee even more rare than these, which we have not chosen to feature
    • Several years ago, a customer of ours asked us to find an extremely expensive and unusual coffee. The name of this coffee? Kopi Luwak, the infamous coffee that is processed by a nocturnal civet (a mongoose)
    • This natural process is (obviously) quite different from your normal coffee plantation. Yet, because the animal craves only the ripe, red coffee berries, he carefully selects the fruit the same way an expert harvester might.
    • But then the mongoose eats the berries. After digesting the sweet pulp surrounding the coffee fruit pit, the civet discretely expels the seeds from it's tree perch. The local coffee growers then harvest the coffee beans on the ground.
        • Though this process is wholly unique, and the coffee as rare as they come--the owners of The Cultured Cup tasted this coffee, and suffice it to say, chosen not to include it in their Connoisseur Coffee Collection
      • Kona Fancy Pure: Hawaii, Pure Kona Arabica coffee: 100%

        Jamaican Blue Mountain: Jamaica Blue Mountain Arabica coffee: 100%

        La Minita Viennese: Costa Rica Arabica coffee: 100%

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